Launch Control Module

The launch control module adopts the mature solid launch module of our company as the executive part, which greatly improves the working reliability while greatly reducing the volume and weight.

The launch control module has the functions of detecting the load of initiating explosive devices and the status of output relay contacts. The detection status are reported in real time through the level status interface.


Main Function

Items Performance Remarks
Operating voltage range 18Vd.c.~32Vd.c.
Working/storage temperature range -55°C~70°C/-55°C~85°C
Output load characteristics Triple ignition control outputs, each rated 5A,

Single ignition current 40A (200ms)

Customization on circuit logic function
Control Level control
Environmental stress Meet the requirements of GJB1032。
Environmental adaptability High temperature, low temperature, temperature-altitude, shock, vibration, acceleration, noise, rain, mold, damp heat, salt spray, sand dust, etc. Test under GJB150, parameters customized
Electromagnetic compatibility Meet the related electromagnetic requirements of GJB151
Life Storage period: 5 years;

Total life: 30 years or 8000 flight hours.

5000 ignitions

Structure / electrical interface Customized metal shell package/J599III series circular connector