INS300E Integrated Navigation System


  • Built-in shock absorption module
  • Accurate parameter calibration
  • Full temperature compensation.

The INS300E integrated navigation system consists of a MEMS three-axis gyroscope, a three-axis accelerometer and a built-in GNSS receiver. The inertial sensor can meet the performance requirements under different conditions after full temperature calibration. The built-in processor realizes the fusion of inertial device and GNSS receiver data, which can provide rich navigation information data including carrier attitude, azimuth, position, speed, time information, angular rate and linear acceleration information. It has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, high reliability and stable performance. The product can be widely used in missile-borne, airborne, precision agriculture, unmanned vehicles, and mobile communication.

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Range ±450 ° /s Range ±10 g
Bias Stability(1σ) ≤10 ° /h Bias ≤5 mg
Bias Repeatability ≤10 ° /h Bias Stability ≤0.2 mg
Scale Factor Nonlinearity ≤50 ppm Bias Repeatability ≤0.2 mg
Angular Random Walk ≤0.2 ° /√h Scale Factor Nonlinearity(within ± 1g) ≤150 ppm
GPS loss-of-lock accuracy (car CEP)
Position accuracy@30s ≤3 m
Position drift (odometer assist) @1 min ≤3 m
Heading drift@1min ≤0.2 °
Accuracy ≤0.2 °


Satellite navigation

Mode frequency band GPS L1/GLONASS L1/BEIDOU L1
Cold start time 29 s
Hot start time 1 s
Sensitivity -166 dBm
Horizontal position accuracy (1σ) ≤1.5 m
Speed accuracy (1σ) ≤2.0 m
Heading accuracy (1σ) ≤0.3 °
System characteristics
Supply Voltage 5±0.2 V
Power ≤2 W
Digital Interface RS422
Update rate Configurable, up to 200 Hz
Baud rate 115200 default bps
Working Temperature -45~+85 ° C
Storage temperature range -50~+85 ° C
Connection J30J-15ZKP connector



  • Space-based fields: missile loading, load stabilization, drones
  • Land-based fields: precision agriculture, mobile communication
  • Sea-based fields: underwater unmanned platforms, ship positioning, communication unmanned ships


Dimension and wiring definition



INS300E Dimension 300x133 - INS300E Integrated Navigation System No. Definition Description
1 +5V Power+
2 GND Power ground
3 RS422_TX_P RS422 transmit +
4 RS422_TX_N RS422 transmit –
5 RS422_RX_P RS422 receive +
6 RS422_RX_N RS422 receive –
7 AUX_RS232_TXA Extended serial port A output
8 AUX_RS232_RXA Extended serial port A input
9 SGND Signal ground
10 N/A N/A