Introduction of Quartz flexible accelerometer

Quartz flexible accelerometer is based on the principle of inertia, through the quartz flexible support, plus advanced electronic technology constitutes a precision instrument. In the state of force balance, the output of the accelerometer is precisely proportional to the input acceleration. By measuring the output of the accelerometer, the physical quantity of the input acceleration can be accurately calculated. The current output form with high output impedance allows the user to select the required sampling resistance according to the situation without affecting the system stability.

At present, quartz flexible accelerometers have formed serialized products, and the product types are high-precision μG-class GJN-06A-I accelerometers for satellite microgravity measurement. To the low-cost, anti-harsh environment GJN-06K accelerometer for oil drilling, there are more than a dozen, widely used in aerospace, aviation, shipbuilding, weapons, petroleum, geotechnical engineering and many other fields, for the navigation of various systems, for guidance, control, leveling, signal monitoring, etc.

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