Microwave/RF Functional Components and Subsystems

Based on our mature RF integrated circuit design and capabilities of production line, we are able to develop and produce microwave/RF subsystems and functional components with the following features:

  1. Using thin/thick film integration technology, LTCC multilayer wiring technology and microwave multilayer circuit board automatic placement technology to achieve the miniaturization of microwave circuits;
  2. By adopting the technology of mixing application of semiconductor chips and circuit devices, the best performance can be achieved in microwave broadband and millimeter wave bands;
  3. Finally, to ensure stable supply and reliability of the components during long-term production, a large number of self-produced high-performance hybrid integrated circuits and advanced automatic placement circuit production lines are introduced.


1. Microwave ultra-wideband components and systems

We specialize in designing and customizing of all kinds of ultra-wideband circuits, components and microwave systems, including receivers, frequency sources, amplifiers, mixers, limiters, microwave switches, switching filters, power dividers, attenuators and various complex microwave systems, of which the frequency cover DC ~ 40GHz.

Microwave ultra-wideband receiving system: 0.8~18GHz frequency coverage, frequency conversion, number of channels and additional functions are optional.

Microwave ultra-wideband frequency source: frequency covers DC~20GHz, various modulation functions are optional.


2. Microwave switch and frequency preselector

We offer various serialized microwave high isolation switches, whose frequency covers DC~20GHz. Customization available for special requirements.

We specialize in designing:

-1, Microwave switch matrix components, whose frequency cover DC ~ 4GHz. Matrix connection, frequency range, number of matrix points, isolation, dimension, interface, etc. can be customized according to user requirements.

-2, Various frequency preselectors (for instance, electrical tunable filter), frequency covers DC~26GHz. There are various filter types for user to choose like LC filter, dielectric filter, SAW filter, crystal filter, Microstrip Filters, LTCC filters, MEMS filters, etc. Changes in parameters, dimension, interfaces, etc. also can be made according to user’s requirements.


3. Microwave synthesis frequency source

We design various high-performance synthetic frequency sources whose frequency can be selected from any range from DC to 40GHz. Users can choose to adopt direct synthesis, indirect synthesis and DDS or other mixed designs. Multi-way complex frequency source systems can also be customized to include independent and dependent frequency sources, and can realize various modulation waveforms and logic control functions.

We offer all kinds of direct synthesis frequency sources range from P, L, S, C, X, and Ku bands. It has the characteristics of ultra-low phase noise, frequency agility, low spurious, anti-vibration, etc.


4. Microwave/RF frequency source components

Various frequency source components, including all kinds of PLL universal phase-locked sources with enclosed tubes and cabinets, PDRO, PCRO, phase-locked crystal components, digital-controlled and electrical tunable oven VCO components, frequency multiplier and frequency multiplication chain components, etc. We also accept customization for specific requirements.


5. Microwave receiver and up-down conversion components

We are experienced in designing all kinds of microwave LNA, limiter, mixer and switch circuits of which frequency range from P, L, S, C, X, Ku band and millimeter wave band.

We can also compose various microwave receivers and up/down conversion components according to user’s requirements to realize the functions of amplification, mixing, filtering, attenuation, phase shifting, switch selection, power division/synthesis, automatic gain/level control (AGC/ALC), signal detection and demodulation.


6. Microwave T/R components

Customized design of various miniaturized integrated microwave T/R components with optional frequencies of P, L, S, C, X, Ku and millimeter waves for users. We also have serialized T/R components specially for microwave altimeters applications.