Digitally Tunable Frequency Hopping Filter

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Part.No Center frequency range

Fc (MHz)

3dB fractional bandwidth Center insertion loss

(dB) TYP

In-band Standing wave ratio

(Zo=50 Ω)

BW30 /BW3 Input Dynamic (dBm) Frequency hopping control method Frequency hopping speed


DVT30-110-x 30-110 3%-10% 2-6 2.0 6.5: 1 0 8bit

TTL Level



DVT90-200-x 90-200
DVT200-400-x 200-400
DVT400-700-x 400-700
DVT550-865-x 550-865

DC parameters: Single Power supply Vcc: +3~3.6V/15mA.


1) The insertion loss of DVT30-110-x to DVT550-865-x is related to 3dB fractional bandwidth, Center insertion loss×BW3dB%=20~25. For instance, 5% is 4-5dB;

2)The digitally controlled frequency hopping filter with internal D/A conversion realizes miniaturization and dense frequency hopping (251 points).