MNS620 Micro Inertial/ GNSS Integrated Navigation systems

  1. Based on MEMS Process
  2. Vibration Isolation Mechanism Embedded
  3. Fully Calibrated for the Parameters of Each Axis of Sensors
  4. 400Hz with Synchronous Sampling Rate at 230.4kSPS of Each Sensor
  5. Output Data Rate up to 400Hz, RS422 Interface
  6. Low Power, Typical 0.25A (12V)
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MNS620 Micro Inertial/GNSS Integrated Navigation systems – MEMS Inertial Devices and Systems


  • Unmanned Helicopters & Light Helicopters
  • UAV & AGV
  • Platform Stabilization
  • Robitic Control & Machine State Monitoring
  • Vessel Applications
  • Inertial Navigation Systems


Parameter MNS620 Notes
Heading Range ±180°
Accuracy 1°/60s
Resolution 0.01°
Attitude Range: Roll, Pitch ±180°, ±90°
Dynamic Accuracy 1°/60s
Resolution 0.01°
Anaular Rate Range: Roll, Pitch, Yaw ±300°sec Extendable
±500°sec High Full Scale
Zero Absolute Error < 0.1°/sec
Zero Instability < 2°/hr
Resolution 0.005°/sec Typical Allan Variance
ARW <0.15°/√h
Acceleration Range: X, Y, Z ±15g
Bias Stability <0.5mg Overworking Temperature
Resolution 0.1(mg)
Bandwidth Sensor Bandwidth 60Hz Extendable, 5~480Hz
Environments Shock survival in run 2000g@1 ms
Shock survival power off 10000g@0.1ms
Vibration Operational 10g rms 20Hz~2kHz, Random
Operating Temperature -40°C ~85°C -55°C~125°C
Protection Level IP66
Power Consumption Input Voltage 11-13DC V Voltageclamp >15.0V
Size 70mm x 54mm x 39mm
Weight < 250g
Interface DB15
All values are typical at +25°C, +12Vdc unless otherwise statement.


Structure (unit: mm)

MNS620 structure e1603438251390 - MNS620 Micro Inertial/ GNSS Integrated Navigation systems

1 VCC Power(+12V)
2 GND Power Ground
3 R1 + RS422 Positive Input (Interface 1)
4 R1- RS422 Negative Input (Interface 1)
5 T1- RS422 Negative Output (Interface 1)
6 T1 + RS422 Positive Output (Interface 1)
7 GND1 RS422 Ground(Interface 1)
8~9 NC No Connection
10 R2+ RS422 Negative Output(lnterface2)
11 R2・ RS422 Negative Output(lnterface2)
12 T2- RS422 Positive lnput (lnterface2)
13 T+ RS422 Positive Input(lnterface2)
14 GND2 RS422 G round (1 nterface2)
15 Shield Shield Ground