MSG3000E MEMS Gyroscope


  • High-performance three-axis gyroscope
  • Cost-effective
  • Low power consumption
  • Full temperature compensation.

MSG3000E is a high-performance and small-size triaxial MEMS gyroscope. It adopts the advanced MEMS chip and ASIC circuit integration scheme, which can provide excellent dynamic performance and working stability.

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Note: The tests of Angular Random Walk and Bias Instability are under normal temperature.

Gyroscope System
Range ±450 ° /S Supply Voltage 5 ±0.3 V
Bias ≤100 ° /h Working Temperature -45 ~ +85 °C
Angular Random Walk ≤0.1 ° /√h Impact Resistance ≥2000 g
Bias Instability ≤0.8 ° /h Vibration ≥20 grms
Bias Stability(1。) ≤5 ° /h Size 44.8×38.6×21.5 mm
Bias Repeatability(1。) ≤5 ° /h Weight ≤80 g
Scale Factor Nonlinearity ≤20 ppm Digital Interface RS422
Bandwidth (10~250Hz adjustable) 150 Hz Connection J30J-15ZKP connector



  • Inertial navigation: inertial guidance, integrated navigation, platform stability
  • Short-term navigation: flight control, trajectory correction, telemetry and remote control
  • Attitude control: UAV, antenna orientation


Dimension and wiring definition



MSG3000E dimenison 300x202 - MSG3000E MEMS Gyroscope Wire color Definition Description
1 TX- RS422 transmit –
2 RX- RS422 receive –
3-5 NC NC
6-7 Reserved Reserved for extension
8 VCC(+5V) Power+
9 TX+ RS422 transmit +
10 RX+ RS422 receive +
11 NC NC
12-13 GND Power ground
14 NC NC
15 GND RS422 Serial port ground

(Note: RS422 TX+, TX-, RX+, RX- are based on products)