MSI3000E Micro Inertial Measurement Unit


  • High performance IMU
  • Cost-effective
  • Low power consumption
  • Full temperature compensation.

The MSI3000E is a micro inertial measurement unit which can output angular velocity and acceleration information in three axial directions. With internal shock absorption structure, it has good resistance to vibration and shock. It can meet the performance requirements of gyroscopes and accelerometers under different temperature conditions after modeling and calibration.

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Test conditions: normal temperature (23±2) °C, -40°C, +85°C

Note: The tests of Angular Random Walk and Bias Instability are under normal temperature.




Range ±450 ° /s Range ±10 g Supply Voltage 5 ±0.3 V
Bias ≤100 ° /h Bias ≤1 mg Working Temperature -45~ +85 °C
Angular Random Walk ≤0.1 ° /√h Rate random walk ≤0.015 m/s/√h Impact Resistance ≥2000 g
Bias Instability ≤0.8 ° /h Bias Instability ≤0.015 mg Vibration ≥20 grms
Bias Stability(1σ) ≤5 ° /h Bias Stability(1σ) ≤0.1 mg Size 44.8×38.6×21.5 mm
Bias Repeatability(1σ) ≤5 ° /h Bias Repeatability(1σ) ≤0.1 mg Weight ≤80 g
Scale Factor Nonlinearity ≤20 ppm Scale Factor Nonlinearity (± 1g) ≤100 ppm Digital Interface RS422
Bandwidth (10-250HZ adjustable) 150 Hz Bandwidth (10~250Hz adjustable) 150 Hz Connection J30J-15ZKP connector



  • Inertial navigation: inertial guidance, integrated navigation, platform stability
  • Short-term navigation: flight control, trajectory correction, telemetry and remote control
  • Attitude control: UAV, antenna orientation


Dimension and wiring definition

Dimension Output
MSI3000E Dimension 300x202 - MSI3000E Micro Inertial Measurement Unit No. Definition Description
1 TX- RS422 transmit –
2 RX- RS422 receive –
3~5 NC NC
6~7 Reserved Reserved for extension
8 VCC(+5V) Power+
9 TX+ RS422 transmit +
10 RX+ RS422 receive +
11 NC NC
12~13 GND Power ground
14 NC NC
15 GND RS422 serial port ground

(Note: RS422 TX+, TX-, RX+, RX- are based on products)