MSI313C Micro Inertial Measurement Unit


  • Miniaturized IMU
  • Low price
  • Low power consumption
  • Full temperature compensation.

MSI313C is a generalized, miniaturized and low-price IMU, which contains three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer. It applies temperature compensation to the bias and scale of each axis to improve its measurement accuracy.

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Test condition: Normal temp. (23±2) °C

Note: The tests of Angular Random Walk and Bias Instability are under normal temperature.




Range ±450 ° /s Range ±10 g Supply Voltage 5±0.3 V
Bias in full temperature ≤150 ° /h Bias in full temperature ≤5 mg Working Temperature -45~+85 °C
Angular Random Walk ≤0.25 ° /√h Rate random walk ≤0.025 m/s/√h Impact Resistance ≥2000 g
Bias Instability ≤2.5 ° /h Bias Instability ≤0.025 mg Vibration ≥20 grms
Bias Stability(1σ) ≤10 ° /h Bias Stability(1σ) ≤0.2 mg Size 22.4×22.4×9 mm
Bias Repeatability(1σ) ≤10 ° /h Bias Repeatability(1σ) ≤0.2 mg Weight ≤20 g
Scale Factor Nonlinearity ≤50 ppm Scale Factor Nonlinearity (± 1g) ≤200 ppm Digital Interface UART
Bandwidth (10~250Hz adjustable) 150 Hz Bandwidth (10~250Hz adjustable) 150 Hz Connection Molex 5015680607 connector



  • Inertial navigation: integrated navigation, platform stability
  • Attitude control: UAV
  • Automotive field: driverless, electronic stability program


Dimension and wiring definition



MSI313C Dimension 300x186 - MSI313C Micro Inertial Measurement Unit No. Definition Description
1 VCC(+5V) Power+
2 GND Power ground
3 TXD receive
4 RXD receive
5 PPS Synchronize

(Note: TXD and RXD of UART are based on products)