MSPT1101 Temperature and Pressure Sensor


  • Multiple signal output
  • Superior long-term stability
  • Small size, light weight
  • High reliability
  • High IP Rating
  • Flexible power supply



Test conditions (unless otherwise stated): normal temp., 15V±1V

Parameter Unit Parameter
Range MPa 0~0.1, 0~2, 0~5
°C -55~+125
Pressure Absolute pressure, sealed gauge pressure
Overload Pressure 200%
Precision Grade %.F.S 0.5(-40°C~+85°C), 1.0(-55°C~+125°C)
Non-linear %.F.S <0.15
Hysteresis %.F.S <0.075
Repeatability %.F.S <0.075
Supply voltage V 8-36 (Voltage typ.+15)
V 0.5 ~ 4.5
Signal Output mA Three-wire system: 4~20
Weight g <120
Operating Temp. °C -55~+125
Storage Temp. °C -55~+125



  • Aviation, aerospace hydraulic system, oxygen supply system
  • Deicing system, power system
  • Industrial process control


Dimensions and Wiring Definition


Output Wiring Definition

MSPT1101 Dimensions 300x132 - MSPT1101 Temperature and Pressure Sensor Wiring definition Mark Description
1Red PVCC+ Pressure power+
2Black PGND Pressure power GND
3Green POUT Pressure signal Output
4Red TVCC+ Temp. power+
5Black TGND Temp. power GND
6Green TOUT Temp. signal Output