MSV1250B Vibration Sensor for Bridge


  • Ultra-low frequency
  • Superior long-term stability
  • Small size, light weight
  • Low noise
  • Resistance to harsh environment
  • Single power supply
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Test conditions (unless otherwise stated): normal temp., 12V±1V°

Parameter Unit MSV1250B-02
Range g ±2
Frequency Response(±3dB) Hz 0~150
Zero-g Voltage mV ±100
Sensitivity mV/g 2500±50
Non-linear %FS ≤0.5
Resonant Frequency kHz ≥20
Thermal Zero Drift %FS/°C ≤0.02
Thermal Sensitivity Drift %/°C ≤0.02
Voltage Output Range V -5±0.1 ~+5±0.1


Electrical Characteristics Environmental Characteristics Physical Properties
Operating Voltage V +7~+36 Operating Temp. °C -45~+85 Shell Material Stainless steel 316L
Operating Current mA ≤15 Storage Temp. °C -55~+125 Weight g ≤250
Impact (half sine) g 10000 IP Rating IP67
Output Impedance Ω ≤100 Sine/random Vibration 100gpk, 20~2000Hz/40grms


Installation M5 thread/adhesive
Interface Connector: ZEG.0K.304.CLL



  • Bridge inspection, vibration measurement


Dimensions and Wiring Definition


Output Wiring Definition

MSV1250B Dimensions 300x108 - MSV1250B Vibration Sensor for Bridge Connector pin number Wiring definition
1 Power+
2 Power GND
3 Output GND
4 Output +