MSVT1101A-100 Temperature and Vibration Sensor


  • Wide frequency response
  • Superior long-term stability
  • Small size, high precision
  • Low noise
  • Sealed, high versatility
  • Resistant to harsh environments



Test conditions (unless otherwise stated): normal temp., 12V±1V

Parameter Unit MSVT1101A-100
Range g ±100
Frequency Response Range Hz 0.1~10000
Cross Sensitivity % ≤5
Zero-g Voltage mA 12±0.5
Sensitivity μA/g 80±5
Output Range mA (4±0.5) ~ (20±0.5)
Non-linear %FS <1
Operating Current mA ≤60
Insulation Resistance Ω DC500V, >100MΩ
Withstand Voltage V AC1500V/50Hz/60s, Leakage<5mA


Performance Environmental Characteristics Physical Properties
Type / Two-wire PT1000 Operating Temp. °C -40~+70 Shell Material 304 Stainless steel
Range °C -55~+200 Storage Temp. °C -40~+85 Weight g ≤200
Resolution °C 1 Shock g 1000 Installation M12 thread
Grade % A (±0.15%) IP Rating IP67 Interface Circular connector
Thermal Response s ≤30s

(tested in water with a flow velocity of 0.4m/s)



  • Metro locomotive monitoring
  • Temperature, vibration monitoring


Dimensions and Wiring Definition


Output Wiring Definition

MSVT1101A 100 Dimensions 300x101 - MSVT1101A-100 Temperature and Vibration Sensor Contact Mark Description
A +12V Power+
D VIB Vibration signal output
F ST Self-test
E PT1000+ Temp. signal output+
G PT1000- Temp. signal output-
B PGND Shield