PDMK-6U Solid State Power Controller Module

PDMK-6U series solid-state power controller module is a series of SSPC products that distribute DC or AC power and provide protection functions. The module controls the ON/OFF through the data bus, and reports voltage, current, switch status and other working conditions in real time. The module is 6U board structure, with locking mechanism for installation, which is especially suitable for plug-in chassis. The product is suitable for intelligent power distribution systems of various weapons.



  • Solid State Power Controller Output (SSPC)
  • Switch status detection
  • Load current monitoring
  • Power on BIT and continuous BIT
  • Load current control threshold online setting
  • Adopt VPX-6U board structure
  • Provide a variety of data buses (CAN, RS485, RS422, etc.)
  • Fault state detection
  • Trip status detection
  • Load overcurrent protection and short circuit trip protection


Main Technical Characteristics

Input Input control power DC20V~DC36V (With reverse connection protection)
Static operating current ≤100mA
Output Input power DC20V~DC36V DC200V~DC300V AC80V~AC280V
Output power 8-way or 16-way, 200A max 8-way or 16-way, 100A max 4-way, 40A max
Output leakage current <10μA <10μA <10mA
Voltage drop <0.2Vd.c. <0.4Vd.c. <2Va.c.
Control Bus control
Other parameters Sampling error Current: ±5%
Communication Interface CAN2.0B, extended frame, communication rate 250kbps
Protective function Over current, short circuit protection, parameters can be set
Insulation resistance 500Vd.c., >100MΩ


Environmental parameters

Item Min Max Unit
Operating temperature -40 85 °C
Storage temperature -55 85 °C
Shock 100, 11 (m/s2), ms
Vibration (high frequency) 10, 10~2000 (m/s2)2, Hz


Application instruction Installation dimension (unit: mm)
PDMK 6U Application instruction - PDMK-6U Solid State Power Controller Module PDMK 6U Installation dimension - PDMK-6U Solid State Power Controller Module


Order mark

Example: PDMK-220A1016U

PDMK 220 A 101 6U
Main code Rated voltage AC output Design No. 6U Series

Note: The output voltage, current, number of channels and bus communication protocol can be customized via design serial number, and the specific values are stipulated by the technical agreement signed by both parties.