Shortwave Pre/Post Selector Filters

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Part.No Frequency Range


3dB fractional bandwidth Total gain


Frequency selectivity Output


Switching time


ML038 (F) Pre/Post Selector Filters 1.6-30 ≥±1.8% (1.6~ 4MHz) 0 – 3 >20dB Fc (1±5%)

>45dB Fc (1±10%)



10ms (Serial control)

2ms (Parallel control)

≥±1.5% (4~10MHz)
≥±1% (10~30MHz)


1) Reference dimension: 160×120×45mm3 or 270×95×17mm3, shape and performance are customizable.

2) RF input/output form: SMB connector or pin output.

3) Working Power supply: Three sets of Power supply +12V≤200mA, +5V current less than 300mA, high voltage: +85V/6mA.

4) In 2009, a variety of communication protocol prognostic selector products were developed.