Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXOs)


Part.No Frequency Range

f (MHz)

Frequency stability over temperature


Voltage control linearity Voltage control frequency range


Supply Voltage


Output Types*
VX12/VX14/VXM14 (SMD) Series 1~100 ±10~50 ±5~20% ±30~200 12/5 SINE/TTL/HCMOS/Clipped Sine
VXM15 Series (SMD high frequency) 0.7~700 ±10~50 ±5~20% ±100~200 3.3 LVCMOS / LVPECL.
Customized product VX20 Series, VX25 Series, VX30 Series

Note: ppm=10-6,

Except for VXM15 Series, the voltage control frequency range of frequency>35MHz is ±30ppm;

User may choose frequency multiplier output if wide voltage control frequency range is required.