Can you ship to my country/region?

We accept orders from all over the world since there are no restrictions applied. But usually the orders will use the term FOB Shenzhen.

About shipping cost

Since we use the term FOB Shenzhen, customers need to pay for the shipping. We will estimate shipping cost for every order and add it to total amount you need to pay.

if the estimated shipping cost is greater than actual cost, we will adjust the total value of the next order based on the difference.

How is shipping arranged?

You can choose to use DHL Express, FEDEX, UPS, Ckeex, IPS or any other shippers you are familiar with.

What currencies are acceptable?

We currently have accounts to accept payments in USD and CNY, but please make sure the money is clean and safe if you need to pay in CNY.

We also accept payments in HKD, AUD, GPB, JPY and EUR, but please inform us in advance.

Can I obtain a manufacturer Certificate of Compliance (CoC) with my order?

If the manufacturer has made the CoC available, we will happily provide it to you. Before you place an order, please send the request for the manufacturer CoC to us.

What is HAO-AIXI’s return policy?

At the time you place an order, an order may say that it is Non-Cancelable/Non-Returnable (NCNR). These products are not returnable. But if these products are damaged for some reason(except damage caused by shipping), we are glad to offer our after-sales service.

Whom do I contact to get support?

Our Customer Service Representatives are happy to help you place an order, and to help remedy any problems or answer any questions that may arise in connection with your order. You can contact our support team via wechat, email or phone. Please send email inquiries to info@hao-ax.com.

Can I get technical assistance on the parts?

For technical information not found on the website, you can get your questions answered by email or instant messaging apps such as Wechat or QQ.

How do I get a quote?

You can click on the contact on main menu and submit the form and an agent will be in contact with you.

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