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Projectile Electrical Control Device

Electrical control device mainly completes the ignition control of the initiating explosive devices of projectile, including the engine delay ignition circuit control, and according to the ignition command output by the control device, completes the control of the ignition of steering gear gas generator, turning gas generator and engine.

Projectile Overload Switch

The overload switch has a power-on delay function and can sensitively judge the output contact action after the overload acceleration reaches (including exceeding) the threshold.

Projectile Power Conversion Module

The projectile power conversion module is installed inside the projectile equipment compartment, and is mainly used to realize the functions of positive/negative busbar confluence, positive confluence of the main battery pack, power supply of various equipment on the projectile, power conversion of the main battery pack, and flight zero signal transmission.

Projectile Timing Module

The timing module is installed inside the electrical equipment compartment of the projectile. It receives the timing control instructions of the system and sends out timing control signals on the projectile, it also collects timing status information, initiating explosive devices online information, and voltage measurement information.