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Execution Module for Launch Control Equipment

The timing module is installed inside the electrical equipment compartment of the projectile. It receives the timing control instructions of the system and sends out timing control signals on the projectile, it also collects timing status information, initiating explosive devices online information, and voltage measurement information.

Ignition Control Box

The ignition control box is mainly used to control the igniting signal of a certain type of ground equipment. It converts the input two sets of igniting signals into 8 sets of a total of 64 igniting signals which are isolated from each other.

Launch Control System Execution Module

The execution module receives the electrical control instructions to control the power ON/OFF and launching according to the control logic of the launch control system and feedback the execution results.

Relay Module of Launching Control Equipment

The relay module is an important part of the execution circuit of launching control equipment. It mainly realizes the function of controlling the projectiles separation signal. It uses IO controller to analyze the data from launching and controlling computer, combined with the sampled real-time input state, thus realize the control of power ON/OFF, gas supply and the ignition of electric ignition tube related to launching according to the established logic