Execution Module for Launch Control Equipment

The timing module is installed inside the electrical equipment compartment of the projectile. It receives the timing control instructions of the system and sends out timing control signals on the projectile, it also collects timing status information, initiating explosive devices online information, and voltage measurement information.

Main Function

Items Performance Remarks
Operating voltage range (28±2.8) Vd.c.  
Working/storage temperature range -40°C~60°C/-45°C~65°C  
Output load characteristics 4-way 10A~25Aoutput,

3-way launching 25Aoutput

Customization on output logic
Control 28Vd.c. Level control  
Environmental stress Meet the requirements of GJB1032。 Based on model number
Environmental adaptability Low pressure, high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, shock, vibration, etc. Test under GJB150, parameters customized
Electromagnetic compatibility Meet the related electromagnetic requirements of GJB151  
Life ≥15a, or Cumulative power-on time ≥10000h  
Structure / electrical interface Box plug-in structure/S9WB101ZPYR type small cabinet connector  
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