Launch Control System Execution Module

The execution module receives the electrical control instructions to control the power ON/OFF and launching according to the control logic of the launch control system and feedback the execution results.

Main Function

Items Performance Remarks
Operating voltage range (24±2.4)Vd.c.  
Working/storage temperature range -40°C~60°C/-55C~70°C  
Output load characteristics 3-way 25A/200ms ignition

4-way 2A~25A power, 40Vd.c.~220Vd.c. Overcurrent protection

Output logic according to the requirements of model
Control 24Vd.c. Level control  
Environmental stress Meet the relevant regulations of ” System Environmental Stress Requirements”  
Environmental adaptability Temperature shock, vibration, high temperature, low temperature, damp heat, shock, road transportation, etc.  
Electromagnetic compatibility Meet the relevant regulations of “XXXX System EMC Design Requirements”  
Life MTBF: 30000h  
Structure / electrical interface Customized metal shell package/S9WB101ZPYR small cabinet connector  
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