1JT25-1 Small General-Purpose Relay

  • The product is one of the international 1/2 cubic inch series relays with permanent magnet driving structure, and has the advantages of high switching power, volume and power consumption ratio. It is mainly used for switching circuits in automatic control systems of missiles, aircraft and ships.


1JT25-1 Small General-Purpose Relay

Environmental Characteristics

No. Parameter Environmental Specification
1 Quality Grade Ⓙ, G
2 Temperature Range (℃) -55~85
3 Relative Humidity
4 Low Pressure (kPa) 11.59
5 Sinusoidal Vibration (Hz) 10~2000
(m/s2) 150 196
6 Random vibration (m/s2)2/Hz 10 20
7 Shock (m/s2) 500 735
8 Constant Acceleration (m/s2) 500 735


Main Characteristics

Contact Arrangement SPDT Operating Time (ms) ≤15
Coil Power (W) 2.2 Release Time (ms) ≤15
Leak Rate (Pa.cm3/s) ≤1×10-2 Load Ratings Resistive 25A,28V d.c.
Contact Resistance(Ω) Initial ≤0.02 Low level



After Life ≤0.05 Life Time (Cycles) 5×103
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) Normal ≥500(500Vd.c.)
High Temp./Humidity ≥10(500Vd.c.) Overload rating Resistive, 50A, 28V d.c.
Dielectric Strength (50Hz) Normal ≥500
Low pressure ≥250 Weight (g) ≤60


Electrical Specification

Specification No. Coil Voltage 25℃ Overall Temperature Range
Normal Max Coil resistance (Ω)

(1±5%) Ω

Operating Voltage max Release Voltage (min) Operating Voltage max Release Voltage (min)
028 28 30 340 18 2 23 1


1JT25 1 Dimensions Mounting Style B 3 - 1JT25-1 Small General-Purpose Relay 1JT25 1 Dimensions Mounting Style C 2 - 1JT25-1 Small General-Purpose Relay
Mounting Style B (3) Mounting Style C (2)
Note: Vibration sensitive direction: Vertical


Circuit Diagram Resistive Load Diagram
1JT25 1 Circuit Diagram - 1JT25-1 Small General-Purpose Relay 1JT25 1 Resistive Load Diagram - 1JT25-1 Small General-Purpose Relay


Order Mark

  • G grade military product:

Example: 1JT25-1/II28B

1JT25-1 / II 28 B
Product number Environmental rating Coil voltage Mounting style

Detailed specification: RY4.500.011JT