2JB2-2 Space & MIL-Spec Relay

  • The product is a 110vd.c. load switch, innovatively designed to fill the switch function blank of hermetic relays for domestic and international use, and the it has been used after strict examination of key aerospace models, and its functional reliability has been recognized by users, which can provide the selection of new aerospace and aviation equipment.

2JB2-2 Sealed Magnetic Latching Relays

Environmental Characteristics

No Parameter Environmental Specification
1 Quality Grade Ⓙ, (G) Aerospace (CAST)
2 Temperature Range (℃) -55~85
3 Relative Humidity (40±2) ℃, 90%~95%
4 Low Pressure (kPa) 0.67~0.27
5 Sinusoidal Vibration (Hz) 10~2000
(m/s2) 147 196
6 Random Vibration ((m/s2)2/Hz) 20
7 Shock (m/s2) 490 784
8 Constant Acceleration (m/s2) 490 735


Main Characteristics

(The following table list Aerospace product indicators, other quality levels, please refer to their respective specifications)

Contact Arrangement Main: 2 groups of N.O.

Auxiliary: SPDT

Operating Time (ms) ≤25
Coil Power (W) 3.34 Release Time(ms)
Leak Rate (Pa.cm3/s) ≤1×10-3 Load Ratings Resistive Main: 2A,110 Vd.c.
Auxiliary: 1A, 28 Vd.c.
Contact Resistance(Ω) Initial Main ≤0.05, Aux. ≤0.05 Low Level 10 µA~50µA,

10 mV~50mV

After Life Main ≤0.0875, Aux. ≤0.0875 Life Time (Cycles) 2×104
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) Normal ≥500(500 Vd.c.) Overload Rating Resistive,4A,110 Vd.c.
High Temp./Humidity ≥10(500 Vd.c.)
Dielectric Strength (50Hz) Normal ≥500 Vr.m.s Weight(g) ≤45
Low pressure ≥200 Vr.m.s


Electrical Specification (V d.c.)

Specification No. Coil Voltage 20℃ Overall Temperature Range
Normal Max Coil resistance

(1±10%) Ω

Operating Voltage (max) Release Voltage (min) Operating Voltage (max) Release Voltage (min)
028 28 30 235 18 24



Circuit Diagram

Resistive Load Diagram

2JB2 2 Dimensions 2JB2 2 Circuit Diagram 2JB2 2 Resistive Load Diagram


Order Mark

  • CAST Grade product:

Example: 2JB2-2- 28 B Z1

2JB2-2 28 B Z1
Product number Coil voltage Mounting style Improved identification

Detailed specification: CASTPS06/005A-2008


  • G grade product:

Example: 2JB2-2/II28 B

2JB2-2 / II 28 B
Product number Environmental rating Coil voltage Mounting style

Detailed specification: Q/RYJ0181-2004

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