2JS2A2-1 Hybrid Delay Relays

  • This product is a 2A type (release delay) hybrid time delay relay. It has small volume, wide applicable voltage range, high delay accuracy, resistant to transient and instantaneous power failure, withstand harsh environment. The environmental conditions are reliable and work. It can be used for time program control of aerospace, aviation and ground equipment control systems.


2JS2A2-1 Hybrid delay Relays

Environmental Characteristics

No. Item Environmental Characteristics
1 Ambient temperature -55℃ ~ 85℃
2 Low air pressure 0.67 kPa~0.27 kPa
3 Sinusoidal vibration 10Hz~2000Hz, 147 m/s2
4 Shock 392 m/s2,11ms
5 Constant acceleration 490 m/s2
6 Relative Humidity 40℃ ±2℃, 90%~95%
Order Mark RY4.546.030JT: 2JS2A2-1/26 C

Note: When ordering, please specify mounting style and delay accuracy.

Main Specifications

Delay type Type 2A (release delay) life 1 × 104 times or 50 h
Rated operating voltage 26 Vd.c. Contact resistance ≤0.1 Ω before life

≤0.2 Ω after life

Operating voltage range 22Vd.c.~30Vd.c. Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ, 250Vd.c
Input current ≤100mA Dielectric withstand voltage 500 Vr.m.s., 60s, 1mA
Delay range 1~ 500s (expandable) Leak rate ≤5×10-1 Pa.cm3/s
Delay accuracy ±2% Weight ≤70g
Recycling Time ≥500 ms Dimensions 26mm×26mm×28mm
Rated load 26 Vd.c., 2A (resistive) Mounting style B(3), C(2)
Output form DPDT Trigger Pulse ≥200ms(negotiable)


Mechanical drawings Timing Diagram
2JS2A2 1 Mechanical drawings - 2JS2A2-1 Hybrid Delay Relays 2JS2A2 1 Timing Diagram - 2JS2A2-1 Hybrid Delay Relays
Circuit drawing Load characteristic diagram
2JS2A2 1 Circuit drawing - 2JS2A2-1 Hybrid Delay Relays 2JS2A2 1 Load characteristic diagram - 2JS2A2-1 Hybrid Delay Relays