2JT1-942 TO-5 Relay

The relay adopts full fusion welding seal, spacing of 2.54mm with a standard grid terminals. It has two sets of switch contact, Its load current as low as 1A. It has the features of small volume, light weight, resistance to vibration, impact resistant, long service life, there is a diode that installed inside the relay coil, the diode has a momen1 inhibition function, It is suitable for the aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships and other electrical equipment, it is used to switch the electric circuit.



Environmental Characteristics

Environmental Specifications
Quality Grade Ⓙ, G
Environment Grade II IV
Temperature Range (℃) -55~+85
Relative Humidity (40±2) ℃, 90%~95%
Low Pressure (kPa) 4.39
Vibration (Hz) 10~2000 10~2000 10~3000
(m/s2) 147 196 294
Random Vibration (m/s2)2/Hz) 10 20 40
Shock (m/s2) 490 735
Acceleration (m/s2) 490 735


Electrical Characteristics

Contact Arrangement 2 Form C (DPDT) Operate Time (ms) ≤4.0
Coil Operating Power (W) 0.5 Release Time (ms) ≤7.5
Leak Rate (atm.cm3/s) ≤1 X 10-9 Contact Load Ratings Resistive 1.0A, 28V d.c.

Contact Resistance


Initial ≤0.1
After life ≤0.2 Low level 10µA~50µA, 10mV~50mV

Insulation Resistance


25℃ ≥10000 (500V d.c.)
125℃ ≥1000 (500Vd.c.)
Dielectric Strength


Normal ≥500
Reverse Voltage ≤1.5 Nominal Voltage
Low pressure ≥125 Contact Life Ratings 1 X 105Cycles
Mass(g) ≤3.0 Contact Overload Rating DC, 2.0A, 28V d.c., 100 Cycles


Detailed Electrical Specifications (-55°C to 85°C) Vd.c.

Coil Code Coil Voltage 25℃ -65℃ to 125℃
Nominal Maximum Coil Resistance (1±10%) Ω Pick-up Voltage max Drop-out Voltage min Pick-up Voltage max Drop-out Voltage min
005 5 5.8 300 3.5 0.25 4.3 0.2


Dimensions Connection Diagram Resistive Load
2jt1 942 dimension - 2JT1-942 TO-5 Relay

NOTE: Sensitivity direction of vibration: Z

1 5±0.5
2 12.5min
2jt1 942 connection diagram - 2JT1-942 TO-5 Relay 2jt1 942 resistive load - 2JT1-942 TO-5 Relay


Order mark 

  • Quality Grade Ⓙ and G:

Example: 2JT1-942(Non-Environment Grade)

2JT1-942 5 1
Relay Series Coil Code Wire Lead Type


Example: 2JT1-942/IV 5-1(Environment Grade)

2JT1-942 / IV 5 1
Relay Series Environment Grade Coil Code Wire Lead Type