2JT80-1A Small General-Purpose Relay

  • This product is a JD3 relay replacement design product, which adopts permanent magnet drive. Hermetic seal, low power consumption, large switching power and good environmental adaptability. It can be used by tank, ship and ground equipment automatic control system.


2JT80-1A Small General-Purpose Relay

​​Environmental Characteristics

No. Parameter Environmental Specification
1 Quality Grade Ⓙ, (G), G5B, G5B+
2 Temperature Range (℃) -55~+85
3 Relative Humidity (40±2) ℃, 90%~95%
4 Low Pressure (kPa) 0.266
5 Sinusoidal Vibration (Hz) 10~500
(m/s2) 98
7 Shock (m/s2) 294


Main Characteristics

Contact Arrangement Main: 1 group is NO, 1 group is NC

Auxiliary: 1 group is NO, 1 group is NC

Operating Time (ms)
Coil Power (W) 3.4 Release Time (ms)
Leak Rate (Pa.cm3/s) ≤5×10-1 Load Ratings

Main: 80A, 28 Vd.c. (Resistive)

Auxiliary: 10A, 28 Vd.c. (Resistive)

Contact Resistance (Ω) Initial Main≤0.005, Auxiliary≤0.05
After Life Main≤0.01, Auxiliary≤0.1
Insulation Resistance (MΩ) Normal ≥100 (500 Vd.c.) Life Time (Cycles) 2×104
High Temp./Humidity ≥10 (500 Vd.c.)
Dielectric Strength (50Hz) Normal 500 Vr.m.s Weight(g) 230
Low pressure 250 Vr.m.s


Electrical Specification

Specification No. Coil Voltage 25℃ Overall Temperature Range
Normal Max Coil resistance (Ω)

(1±10%) Ω

Operating Voltage max Release Voltage (min) Operating Voltage max Release Voltage (min)
026 26 30 198 13.5~18 3~7 22 1


Dimensions Circuit Diagram Resistive Load Diagram
2JT80 1A Dimensions - 2JT80-1A Small General-Purpose Relay

Mounting Style C(1)

Note: Vibration sensitive direction: Vertical

2JT80 1A Circuit Diagram - 2JT80-1A Small General-Purpose Relay 2JT80 1A Resistive Load Diagram - 2JT80-1A Small General-Purpose Relay


Order Mark

Example: 2JT80-1A/I 26C

2JT80-1A / I 26 C
Product number Environmental rating Coil voltage Mounting Style

Detailed specification: Q/RYJ0123-94