AK-10 Aviation & Military Push Button Switch

1. Moderate size, light weight, wide load range;
2. With instantaneous action function, the operation feels good;
3. Mechanical life is 10,000 times;

Standard: Meet GJB150-86 military equipment environmental test method (part), GJB360A-96 electronic and electrical component test method (part), GJB809B-2013 micro switch general technical specification (part), AK-10, 10A button switch technical conditions .


AK-10、AK-10A Specifications

Electrical Rating 27VDC、4A (Inductive, τ≤0.015s)。
Total Travel (mm) ≥3.5
Overrun(mm) ≥0.8
Operating Force (N) 14.71~24.51
Operating Temp (℃) -55~+60
Mechanical Life (cycles) 10000
Insulation Resistance (normal) MΩ ≥20
Insulation Resistance (damp heat) MΩ ≥2
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (normal) V ac 500
Salt fog (h) 48
Weight (g) ≤20
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