B3104A/B3100B/B3100BJ Military Micro Switch

1. Small size, light weight, large load capacity;
2. With instantaneous action function, the action is sensitive and the parameter accuracy is high;
3. Operating Temp.: (-55~85) ℃;
4. The minimum Differential Travel range is 0.51mm max;
5. The working current can reach 10A;
6. The electrical life can reach up to 20,000-25,000 cycles; the mechanical life of some products can reach up  to more than 50,000 cycles;
8. Auxiliary pressing mechanisms such as levers and rollers can be added according to user requirements, and products that perform the action characteristics required by users can also be provided;

Standards: GJB809-90 micro switch general specification (part), GJB809A-97 micro switch general specification (part), B3104A micro switch technical conditions (internal), B3100B micro switch single technical specification (internal), B3100BJ micro switch A single technical specification (internal) for moving switches.


B Series Micro Switch Specifications

B3104A B3100B B3100BJ
Electric load 28VDC, 6A (Resistive) ;

28VDC, 4A (Inductive, τ≤0.015s)

 (27±10%) VDC, 2.5A (Resistive) Sea Level:

28VDC, 10A (Resistive) ;

28VDC, 10A (Inductive, τ=0.015s)

28VDC, 6A (Motor load) ;

115VAC/50Hz, 10A (Resistive) ;

115VAC/50Hz, 10A (Inductive, COSφ=0.7±0.05) ;

115VAC/50Hz, 3A (Motor load) .


28VDC, 10A (Resistive) ;

28VDC, 10A (Inductive, τ=0.015s) ;

115VAC/50Hz, 10A (Resistive) ;

115VAC/50Hz, 10A (Inductive, COSφ=0.7±0.05) .

Pre-travel PT(mm) ≤1.6 ≤1.6 ≤1.2
Overtravel OT(mm) ≥1.0 ≥1.0 ≥0.78
Differential Travel DT(mm) ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.51
Operating Force OF(N) ≤3.92 ≤3.92 ≤3.96
Releasing Force RF(N) ≥0.78 ≥0.78
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