BK-6 Aviation & Military Multi-Directional Switch

1, Four-pole three-position automatic reset type toggle switch;
2, The connection can be changed into a variety of circuit forms;
3. Non-maintainability.

Standard: Meet GJB150-1986 military equipment environmental test method (part), GJB360A-1996 electronic and electrical component test method (part), GJB809A-1997 micro switch general technical specification (part).

BK-6 Specifications

Electrical Rating 15VDC, 4.5mA~5mA (Resistive)
Operating Force (N) 5.8 N~24.5 N
Total Travel Angle: (°) 13.5°±5°
Operating Temp Range(℃) -55℃~+95℃
Weight (g) 90g max
Electric Life (cycles) 12 000
Insulation resistance (normal) ≥1 000 ΜΩ
Insulation Resistance (damp heat) ≥10 ΜΩ
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (VAC) Normal: 500VAC,

Low Pressure (9 150m): 350VAC

Salt fog (h) 48
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