MWK-3 Series

MWK-3 Series Aviation & Military Micro Switch

1. Small size, light weight, large load capacity;
2. With instantaneous action function, the action is sensitive and the parameter accuracy is high;
3. The contact system of the entire switch is enclosed in a metal shell, which is an airtight micro switch;
4. Electrical life up to 10,000 to 12,000 cycles.

Standard: Meet GJB150-86 military equipment environmental test method (part), GJB360A-96 electronic and electrical component test method (part), GJB809A-97 micro switch general technical specification (part), MWK-3 Series micro switch special technology Specification (internal)




Electrical Load Resistance 27VDC  (27±10%) VDC
3A 3A
Electrical Load Inductive 27VDC、115VAC/400Hz  (27±10%) VDC
2A (τ=0.01s)


2A (τ=0.01s)
Operating Travel OP(mm) ≥0.2 ≤4
Overtravel OT(mm) ≥0.25 ≥0.3
Differential Travel DT(mm) ≤0.08
Operating Force OF(N) 1.96~5.88 ≤6
Releasing Force RF(N) ≥0.49 ≥0.5
Operating Temp.(℃) -55~100 -55~90
Weight (g) ≤6.5 ≤38
Electric Life (cycles) 10000 10000
Insulation Resistance (normal) MΩ ≥100 ≥100
Insulation Resistance (damp heat) MΩ ≥2 ≥2
Dielectric Withstand Voltage(VAC) 500 1000
Salt Spray (h) 48
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