SD201 Low Precision Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)

This product is an inertial measurement unit consisting of a small three-axis fiber optic gyroscope and a small quartz accelerometer. It provides three axial angular velocity and acceleration information through the RS422 serial port. It has outstanding features such as small size, light weight, low power consumption, large measuring range and high reliability. It is an ideal choice for IMUs with low precision in the control field.

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SD201 Low Precision Fiber Optic Inertial Measurement Unit

Main Technical Specifications

Parameter Technical Specifications

Fiber Optic Gyro Specifications

Measuring range ±600 °/s

Zero bias stability (1σ, 100s)

≤2 °/h

Scale factor repeatability (1σ)

≤300 ppm

Accelerometer Specifications

Measuring range ±60 g

Zero bias stability (1σ, 100s)

≤1 mg

Scale factor repeatability (1σ)

≤100 ppm

Physical Specifications


Φ90 mm×90 mm


≤1.2 kg

Maximum power consumption

10 W

Operating temperature

-40 ℃ ~+60 ℃

Electrical Interface


Power supply requirements

18 ~ 36 VDC

Start Time




SD201 Mechanical Drawings

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