SD313 Single-Axis Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG)

This product can realize real-time measurement of carrier single-axis angular velocity, and output 1ms angular velocity digital quantity through RS422 serial port. Meet the GJB151B electromagnetic compatibility and GJB150 environmental requirements, suitable for the measurement of angular velocity in different sections of tactical weapons.

The product has the characteristics of good environmental adaptability, strong dynamic response, short start-up time, high cost performance and low price (using imported industrial grade devices).

SD313 Single-Axis Fiber Optic Gyroscope

Application area

The product can be used for drones, underside vehicles, low-orbit microsatellites (there is no excessive requirement for space irradiation, and satellites are less than 2 years old).


Main Technical Specifications

Parameter Technical specification
Fiber Optic Gyro Specifications Zero bias stability (°/h, 10s, 1σ) ≤ 0.1
Full temperature zero bias stability (°/h, 10s, 1σ) ≤ 0.15
Zero bias repeatability (°/h, 1σ) ≤ 0.1
Startup time (s) ≤ 5
Measuring range (°/s) ±800 (adjustable)
Scale factor nonlinearity (ppm) ≤ 30
Scale factor repeatability (ppm) ≤ 30
Bandwidth (Hz) > 200
Environmental Adaptability Working temperature (°C) -40°C ~ 65°C
Temperature change rate (°C/min) ≤ 2
Vibration (g, rms) ≥ 6.06
Spectral impact (g) ≥ 3000
Physical Specifications Dimensions (mm3) 78×78×36
Weight (kg) 0.34±0.01
Installation method Waist installation
Electrical Interface RS422
Working voltage (V) ±5
Power consumption (W) ≤ 3.5



SD313 Mechanical Drawings


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