SD702 MEMS Integrated Inertial Navigation System

The product is composed of high precision MEMS gyroscope and accelerometer. The main features of the product are as follows:

  1. a) Full-navigation parameter output: carrier angular rate, attitude Angle, speed, position, etc.;
  2. b) Integrated navigation function: built-in GPS/BD receiver;
  3. c) Open computer function: all resources are available within SMJ320C6713, and JTAG is reserved for external use for pop-up control;
  4. d) Reserved multi-channel FIFO serial port and GPIO control signal: provide 7-channel full-duplex RS422 serial port, which can output instructions such as fuze control;
  5. e) External power supply: 5V/6W power supply is provided.
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SD702 MEMS Integrated Inertial Navigation System

Main Technical Specifications

Parameter Technical Specification
System Specifications Position Accuracy < 10m (1σ)
Heading Accuracy (180s) ≤ 2°
Horizontal Attitude Accuracy ≤ 2°
Start Time 2 s
Fiber Optic Gyro Specifications Zero Bias Stability (1σ, 100s) 30°/H
Scale Factor Repeatability (1σ) 0.1%
Measuring Range ±400°/S
Accelerometer Specifications Zero Bias Stability (1σ, 100s) 2 mg
Scale Factor Repeatability (1σ) 0.3%
Measuring Range ±18 g
Physical Specifications Volume ≤ Ф110mm ×59mm
Weight ≤ 0.5kg
Maximum Power Consumption ≤ 8W
Operating Temperature -40℃~ 65℃
Electrical Interface RS232、RS422、CAN
Power Supply Requirements 18 ~ 36 VDC


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