UK-66/00-10 Launch Control Panel

  • Pulse interference resistance for input
  • The launch output realizes the load positive and negative dual control, each output has its own current limiting resistor, which can be adjusted according to the launch current.



Main Function

Items Performance Remarks
Operating voltage range 18Vd.c.~34Vd.c.
Working/storage temperature range -40°C ~60°C/-55oC~105°C
Output 34 launch output Can be reduced according to needs
Launch current ≤10A/200ms Can be fine-tuned according to the launch time, each way contains current limiting resistor
Launch voltage 28.5Vd.c. Up to 60Vd.c.
Anti-interference performance of input control signal ≤5ms Adjustable
Environmental stress According to GJB1032
Environmental adaptability High temperature, low temperature, temperature shock, temperature-altitude, mold, salt spray, damp heat, acceleration, vibration, shock, noise, road transportation, etc. Test under GJB150, parameters customized
Life 15 years
Weight <1kg
Structure / electrical interface Screw installation/ J30J-74ZKW-I-P7,

J30J-100ZKW-I-P7 connector