WWK-12 Aviation & Military Micro Switch

1, Small size, light Weight;
2, With instantaneous action function, sensitive action, high parameter accuracy;
3. Operating Temp. (Maximum): (-55~70) ℃;
4. Effective protection of the soft pressing of the micro switch to avoid undervoltage or overvoltage;

Standard: Meet GJB150-1986 military equipment environmental test method (part), GJB360A-1996 electronic and electrical component test method (part), GJB809A-1997 micro switch general technical specification (part), WWK-12 micro switch special technical specification (internal)


WWK-12 Micro Switch Specifications

Electrical Load Resistance 28VDC, 12A (NC point power-on time ≤0.5s)
Pre-travel PT(mm) ≤ 6.0
Overtravel OT(mm) ≥ 0.5
Differential Travel DT (mm) ≤ 2.6
Operating Force OF(N) ≤ 4.4
Releasing Force RF(N) ≥ 0.6
Electric life 1 500
Mechanical life 10 000
Short circuit current (A) 20
Insulation Resistance  (MΩ) normal ≥1000
damp heat ≥10
Contact Resistance   (mΩ) Initial ≤50
After mechanical life ≤80
After electrical life ≤1% of rated electrical load resistance
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (VAC) normal 1000
Low-pressure 500
Overload cycle Current(A) 30
Time (ms) 60
Operating Temp.(℃) -55~70
Weight (g) ≤ 8
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