1JS-4 Space & MIL-Spec Time Delay Relay

  • This product is a Type 1 (action delay) hybrid time delay relay. It has the characteristics of stable performance, resistant to harsh environmental conditions, high delay precision, and adjustable delay within a certain range. Widely used in Time program control systems for aerospace, aerospace and ground equipment.

1JS-4 Hybrid delay Relays

Environmental Characteristics

No. Item Environmental conditions
1 Ambient temperature -55 °C ~ 85 °C
2 Low air pressure 0.67 kPa~0.27kPa
3 Relative humidity 35 ~ 40℃, 95%~98%
4 Sinusoidal vibration 10 Hz~2000 Hz, 147 m/s2
5 Shock 490 m/s2, 11ms
6 Constant acceleration 490 m/s2
Order mark Q/RY.J0112-90:1JS-4/27

Note: The accuracy of the delay and the installation method should be stated when ordering.


Main Specifications

Delay type Type 1 (action delay) Life time 1×104 cycles
Rated operating voltage 27 Vd.c. Rated load 28 Vd.c.,2A(Resistive)
Operating voltage Range 18Vd.c.~ 30Vd.c.

(T >0.5s)

20Vd.c.~ 30Vd.c.


Output form DPDT
Contact resistance Initial: ≤0.05Ω

after life: ≤0.2Ω

Input Current ≤120 mA Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ, 250Vd.c.
Delay range 0.1s~300s Weight ≤105g
Delay accuracy Class A: ±2%;

Class B: ±5%

Dimensions 32.5mm×22.5mm×47mm
Recycling time ≥3 times of delay time Installation method B(3), C(2)


Mechanical drawings

Mechanical drawings 02 Mechanical drawings 05

Installation method: B

(Installation method: 3)

Installation method: C

(Installation method: 2)

Note: Vibration sensitive direction: Vertical


Timing Diagram

Circuit drawing

Load characteristic diagram

Timing Diagram 1

Note: When using the product, short-circuit the 3 and 5 leads. If the delay is required to be in the range of 300-600 seconds, the external resistor can be used for adjustment.

Circuit drawing 1 Load characteristic diagram


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