1PWA Series Solid State Power Controller

1PWA is a single-channel high-power SSPC series solid-state power controller with a load voltage of 28Vd.c.~270Vd.c., and a load current of 10A~100A.

Controller featured functions:

  • Field bus function to control relay on and off. The controller can also be switched manually during emergency
  • Load current detection, overcurrent protection and short circuit trip function

It is suitable for the field of defense, and can be used in the control system of tanks, aircraft, ships and ground equipment.


  • Automatic protection against overload or short circuit
  • Manual emergency control
  • Fieldbus control
  • Switch status output
  • ON/OFF status output
  • Input and output transformer isolation
  • Power MOSFET output
  • Fast switching speed
  • Failure status output

Main Technical Characteristics

Input Input control power 18Vd.c.~32Vd.c. ( With reverse connection protection)
Static operating current ≤50mA
Output Input power 0~270Vd.c.
Rated current Rated working current (0A~100A), can be set
Output leakage current <1μA
Pressure drop <0.3Vd.c.
Control Bus control or emergency control
Cooling system Heat sink (1.2°C/W)
Rated short-circuit tripping capacity 400A
Other parameters Sampling error Current: ±1.5%
Communication Interface CAN2.0B, extended frame, communication rate 250kbps
Protective function Over current, short circuit protection, parameters can be set
Insulation resistance 500Vd.c., >100MΩ


Environmental parameters

Item Min Max Unit
Operating temperature -40 85 °C
Storage temperature -55 85 °C
Shock 100, 11 (m/s2), ms
Vibration (high frequency) 10, 10~2000 (m/s2)2, Hz


Overcurrent protection curve current-time relationship table

Protection curve No. 150% Overload current 200% Overload current 300% Overload current 400% Overload current >400% Overload current
0 3.1s 1.3s 0.5s 0.3s ≤1ms
1 4.3s 1.8s 0.7s 0.4s ≤1ms
2 6.1S 2.6s 1.0s 0.5s ≤1ms
3 8.5s 3.6s 1.4s 0.7s ≤1ms
4 12.2s 5.1s 2.0s 1.1s ≤1ms
5 17.0s 7.1s 2.7s 1.5s ≤1ms
6 24.3s 10.2s 3.9s 2.1s ≤1ms
7 34.0s 14.2s 5.5s 2.9s ≤1ms
Note 1: This table includes the range of time covered by 8 over-current trip protection curves for solid-state power controllers. The over-current trip time of solid-state power controller will be determined by 5# curve if not specified,

Note 2: The protection maintenance delay time of the solid-state power controller is a continuous function of the current, which is a collection of countless “points”. The 5 tested points specified in the above table are included in the ” Overcurrent protection curve”, rather than all the information about the overcurrent protection characteristic.


Bus parameters

Bus type CAN2.0B(a)
Communication rate 250kpbs
Bus function User parameter query, switch control and status update, load current query, overcurrent protection and status update, short circuit protection and status update, open circuit detection and status update
Note: a. The bus communication rate can be customized according to needs


Installation dimension (unit: mm) Application instruction
1PWA Installation dimension 1PWA Application instruction
Working principle Diagram Load characteristics
1PWA Working principle Diagram 1PWA Load characteristics


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PWA 100 1
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