Central Power Distribution Device

Bus bar A, bus bar B and bus bar C are arranged inside the central power distribution device. With the functions of on-off control, overload protection, switch status feedback, current monitoring, power monitoring, external temperature sensor signal collection, bus bar switching, RS422 bus interface.

Main Function

Items Performance Remarks
Operating voltage range 20Vd.c.~32Vd.c.  
Working/storage temperature range -40°C~70°C/-55°C~105°C  
Output load characteristics Multi-way SSPC output, 5A~50A Customization on output logic
Control Bus control Customization on Bus communication
Environmental stress Meet the requirements of GJB1032。  
Environmental adaptability High temperature, low temperature, shock, vibration, low air pressure, etc., meet the requirements of GJB150 Determined according to specific model requirements
Electromagnetic compatibility Meet the related electromagnetic requirements of GJB151  
Life 1. Solid state output, the number of actions is not limited;

2.MTBF: ≥20000h;

Structure / electrical interface Customized metal shell package/J18 rectangular connection 200mm×200mm×180mm
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