Actuator Control and Feedback Components

Actuator control and feedback components have overcurrent protection, status feedback functions and external switch status detection and are used for power distribution management of multiple loads. Its main functions are to receive the host computer control command through the CAN bus to control the load on and off, and obtaining the load current; It detects the working status of the external 40 switches through the optocoupler isolation and reports the load and working status to the control center through CAN bus.

Main Function

Items Performance Remarks
Operating voltage range 21Vd.c.~30Vd.c. Meet requirements of GJB181
Working/storage temperature range -40°C~70°C/-55°C~70°C  
Output load characteristics Multiple output, 28V(each way)≤5A Customized
Switch detection Multiplex detection, ≤40 ways Customized
Control CAN Bus control  
Environmental stress Meet the relevant regulations of GJB1032  
Environmental adaptability High temperature, low temperature, low vacuum dry friction, temperature-altitude, shock, vibration, acceleration, noise, rain, mold, damp heat, salt spray, sand dust, etc. Test under GJB150, parameters can be customized
Electromagnetic compatibility Meet the related electromagnetic requirements of GJB151  
Structure / electrical interface Customized metal shell package/circular connector  
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