TZ220AC-50 AC Intelligent Power Distribution Module

The TZ220AC-50 AC intelligent power distribution module complies with the “SJ20668-1998 General Specification for Microcircuit Modules”. With the intelligent functions such as automatic protection and detection, this series of products also have good resistance to high and low temperature, vibration and impact, and is of small size, light weight and high reliability. It can replace the conventional power distribution method of AC contactor/relay + fuse/circuit breaker, and is suitable for single-phase AC power distribution circuit of new generation weapon system.


  • Single phase output
  • Over current protection, short circuit protection
  • Overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Voltage, current, temperature, frequency detection
  • Small size and light weight
  • High output power


Main Technical Characteristics

Input Input control power DC20V~DC36V (With reverse connection protection)
Static operating current ≤100mA
Output Input power AC80V~AC280V
Output power Output current (10A~50A) can be set
Output leakage current <10mA
Voltage drop <2Va.c.
Switch Zero crossing
Control Bus control or emergency control
Cooling system Heat sink
Rated short-circuit breaking capacity 500A
Other parameters Sampling error Voltage: ±1%; Current: ±5%; Temperature: ±1°C
Communication Interface CAN2.0B, extended frame, communication rate 250kbps
Protective function Over current, over voltage, under voltage, short circuit, over temperature protection, parameters can be set
Insulation resistance 500Vd.c., >100MΩ


Environmental parameters

Item Min Max Unit
Operating temperature -45 85 °C
Storage temperature -55 85 °C
Shock 100, 11 (m/s2), ms
Vibration (high frequency) 10, 10~2000 (m/s2)2, Hz


Application instruction Load characteristics
TZ220AC 50 Application instruction TZ220AC 50 Load characteristics
Installation dimension (unit: mm)
TZ220AC 50 Installation dimension unit mm

Note: The tolerance of dimension is according to GB/T1804-m if not mentioned.


Order mark

TZ220AC 50 1 Z1
Main code Output current Protection curve Customization sign


  • The maximum rated output current is 50A.
  • The overcurrent protection curve can be selected from 1 to 8.
  • If there is need to customize the bus communication protocol, you can sign a special technical agreement in which the order mark is determined.


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