J40 Series

J40 Series MIL-Spec Connectors

  1. Number of contacts: 11, 13, 15, 25, 31, 39, and 51.
  2. Stranded elastic pin (twist needle) with high contact density
  3. Wire core cross-sectional area 0.20mm2 ~ 0.35mm2
  4. Executive standards:
  • Q/Ln.J6-72-93: J40 series miniature rectangular electrical connector technical conditions
  • Q/Ln.J6-131-2001: J40-B rectangular electrical connector specification

J40 Series Miniature Rectangle Electronic Connector


Rated voltage

60 VD.C. Rated current 5A

Contact resistance

≤ 10mΩ Insulation resistance ≥ 1000MΩ

Dielectric withstand voltage

1000 V Mechanical life 500 times
Ambient temperature -55°C~ +125°C Vibration

10Hz ~ 2000Hz

150 m/s2

Random vibration Power spectral density 0.4 g2/Hz,

Total acceleration rms value 23.1g


750 m/s2, 6ms

Acceleration 500 m/s2 Low air pressure

0.3 kPa


Contact arrangement

j40 11 Contact arrangements j40 13 Contact arrangements
J40-11 J40-13
j40 15 Contact arrangements j40 25 Contact arrangements
J40-15 J40-25
j40 31 Contact arrangements j40 39 Contact arrangements
J40-31 J40-39
j40 51 Contact arrangements


Product Family Tree

Plug and Socket
Normal Improved
  • Soldering
  • -A series

(the outer shell doesn’t have flange in the width direction)

  • -B series

(socket with sealing feature)

  • -C series

(product plug with 90° clamp and locking screws, socket only with decorative plating, rubber mat and install screws socket is suitable for installation of 3 mm thickness plate after installation)

  • -D series

(currently only 11 and 13 contacts)

  • -E/E1 series

(currently only 39 contacts)

  • -K series

(products except the through holes of two <t> 2.2, the same shape as TJ/ZK)

  • TJ1/ZK1 series

(the crimping wire 22 core is 0.10mm~0.15mm, the shape is the same as TJ/ZK type)


Locking device

11,13 pins

15~51 pins

  • K type:

K (fixed end)

  • Q type:

Q, Q1 (free end)

  • P type:

P, P2 (fixed end)

  • L type:

L, L2 (free end)


Order mark

J40 25 ZK S P ()
Main code:

  • J40 series
Number of contacts:

  • 11, 13, 15, 25, 31, 39, and 51
  • TJ – plug mounting pin,
  • ZK: socket jack (TJ and ZK are fixed collocation)
Indicates the tail form:

  • No letter: Crimp wire
  • S: Soldering
  • N: Straight PCB mount
  • W:Right angle PCB mount
Locking type:

  • Q: Bayonet type quick locking device for use with “K” type bayonet type quick locking bolts;
  • Q1: Short bayonet type quick locking device for use with “K” type bayonet quick-lock bolts;
  • K: indicates a quick-lock bolt with a bayonet type, which is used with the “Q” or “Q1” type quick-locking device;
  • P: Indicates the mounting screws, suitable for on board mounting, and is used with the “L” type locking screws;
  • P2: Indicates mounting screws for post-board installation and is used with “L2” type locking screws;
  • L: Indicates a locking screw for use with the “P” mounting screw;
  • L2: Indicates the locking screw for use with the “P2” mounting screw.

  • Omitted – expressed as a basic type;
  • A – Indicates that there is no flange in the width direction of plug and socket shell, and locking parts shall be selected;
  • B – Indicates that the mounting hole on the flange of the plug housing is 2xØ2.2 through holes with mounting screws, if the socket has wide flange, and the mounting hole is 4xØ2.2 through hole with mounting screws and gaskets for a sealed socket;
  • C – Indicates the plug with 90-degree bending outlet clamp and locking screw, the socket with decorative plate, rubber pad and mounting screw;
  • D – Indicates that the plug and socket are equipped with 90-degree bent outlet clamp, and locking parts shall be selected;
  • E/E1 – Flange is widened and multiple anti-mismating panels are installed on the same panel.
  • K – Indicates that the mounting holes on the flange plate of plug and socket shell are 2xØ2.2 through holes, and locking parts shall be selected;
  • TJ1/ZK1 – The crimping core is compatible with wire size of 0.10mm2-0.15mm2, the shape of which is the same as TJ/ZK type.

Note: additional instructions are not part of the order mark. In the case of selecting the crimp wire type product, please indicate the wire specifications of the crimped wire in the brackets such as the wire cross-sectional area, length and color. When the wiring specification is complicated, the wiring specification table shall be presented.

Example: J40 – 25 ZKS P (Additional Notes)

The above marks indicate that the number of contacts is 25 and socket jack type, the end of the contact is changed to the wire type, and the P-type mounting screw is used. (Additional note: wire cross-sectional area, length and color, etc.)

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