NK-1 NK-2 NK-3 NK-4

NK-1 NK-2 NK-3 NK-4 Aviation & Military Toggle Switch

1. Moderate size, light weight, easy to install and use;
2. Good operating feel;
3. The use of gold alloy contacts is suitable for low-power products;
4. The electrical life is 25,000 times; the mechanical life of the product can reach more than 50,000 times.

Standard: Meet GJB150-1986 military equipment environmental test method (part), GJB360A-1996 electronic and electrical component test method (part), GJB809B-2013 general technical specification for micro switch (part), special technology for NK-1~4 series products specification.


NK-1, NK-2, NK-3, NK-4 Specifications

NK-1 NK-2、NK-2A、NK-2B、NK-3、NK-3A、NK-3B NK-4 NK-4A NK-4B
Resistive 15VDC (1±10%),(4.5~5)mA 15VDC (1±10%),(4.5~5)mA 15VDC (1±10%),(4.5~5)mA 28.5+1.5 -3.5VDC,(4.5~5)mA 28.5±2.8VDC,5A
Toggle Force without Locking Mechanism (N) 2.9~24.5 —— 2.9~24.5 2.9~24.5 2.9~24.5
Toggle Force with Locking Mechanism (N) —— 4.9~14.7 —— —— ——
Operating Temp. (℃) -55~85
Weight (g) ≤50 ≤80 ≤80 ≤100 ≤80
Electric Life (cycles) 12000 cycles
Insulation Resistance (normal) MΩ ≥1000
Insulation Resistance (damp heat) MΩ ≥10
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (normal) VAC 500
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (low-pressure) VAC 350
Salt Spray (h) 48
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