1JWA10-2 Bus relay

Featured functions:

  • Field bus function to control relay on and off
  • Load current detection, overcurrent protection and short circuit trip function
  • Real-time monitoring of load current value to achieve the protection.

The relay’s overcurrent protection software algorithm is based on the fusing principle of fuses. It provides up to 8 protection curves according to the needs of different loads, thus meet the requirements of different characteristics of inductive, resistive, capacitive and lamp load. It is suitable for the field of defense, and can be used in the control system of tanks, aircraft, ships and ground equipment.



  • Automatic load status detection
  • Overload or short circuit protection
  • Manual emergency control
  • Fieldbus control
  • Historical data query
  • Input and output transformer isolation
  • Power MOSFET output
  • Fast ON/OFF switch


Main Technical Characteristics

Main Technical Parameters Min Typical Max Unit Note
Input Bias voltage 22 26 30 Vd.c.
Bias current 50 mA
Emergency ON voltage 18 32 Vd.c.
Emergency OFF voltage 2 Vd.c.
Emergency ON input current 5 mA a
ON time 1 mS
OFF time 1 mS
Reverse polarity current 5 mA b
Output Output arrangement 1H(1H always on)
Output current 0 100 %l c
Output voltage 10 28 32 Vd.c.
Output voltage drop 0.2 Vd.c. d
Output leakage current 10 μA e
Transient voltage 60 Vd.c.
150% overload trip time 2.8 18.7 S
250% overload trip time 1.5 6.5 S
500% overload trip time 0.5 1.9 S
Short circuit (overload≥600%) trip time 15 mS
Other parameters Insulation resistance 500 f
Dielectric withstand voltage 750 Vr.m.s.
Isolation 100 pF

a. The emergency ON voltage is 30V;

b. The reverse polarity voltage is 30V;

c. The “output current” is shown as the percentage of the rated current;

d. Tested under rated load current;

e. Tested under the maximum output voltage;

f. Tested under 500Vd.c.


Environmental parameters

Item Min Typ. Max Unit Note
Operating temperature -40 85 °C
Storage temperature -55 125 °C
Shock 750, 6 (m/s2), ms
Vibration (random) 20, 50~2000 (m/s2)2, Hz 10~2000Hz
Constant acceleration 14700 m/s2(g)
Weight 150 g Type 0 installation


Bus parameters

Bus type CAN2.0B(a)
Communication rate 250kpbs
Bus function User parameter query, switch control and status update, load current query, overcurrent protection and status update, short circuit protection and status update, open circuit detection and status update, historical data view
Note: a. The bus communication rate can be customized according to needs

Overcurrent protection curve current-time table

Protection curve No. 125% Overload current 150% Overload current 200% Overload current 300% Overload current 400% Overload current 500% Overload current
0 3.1s 1.3s 0.5s 0.3s 0.18s
1 4.3s 1.8s 0.7s 0.4s 0.24s
2 6.1s 2.6s 1.0s 0.5s 0.34s
3 8.5s 3.6s 1.4s 0.7s 0.48s
4 12.2s 5.1s 2.0s 1.1s 0.68s
5 17.0s 7.1s 2.7s 1.5s 0.94s
6 24.3s 10.2s 3.9s 2.1s 1.34s
7 34.0s 14.2s 5.5s 3.0s 1.86s


Installation dimension (unit: mm) Working principle diagram and application instruction
1JWA10 2 Installation dimension - 1JWA10-2 Bus relay 1JWA10 2 Working principle diagram and application instruction - 1JWA10-2 Bus relay
Circuit diagram (bottom view)
1JWA10 2 Circuit diagram bottom view - 1JWA10-2 Bus relay
Load characteristics
1JWA10 2 Load characteristics - 1JWA10-2 Bus relay


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JWA 10 2 26 C2 W
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