Relay Execution module

The relay module receives the back-end control commands to control the power of the solenoid valve and the electric explosion valve of the gas distribution station, and can supply power to secondary instruments and sensors of the gas distribution station. At the same time, it can collect and send the current and voltage values of the relay contacts to the measurement and control computer via Ethernet.

Main Function

Items Performance Remarks
Operating voltage range 18.0Vd.c.~32.0Vd.c.
Working/storage temperature range -40°C~60°C/-40°C~65°C
Featured functions Multi-channel power distribution output, multi-channel bus leakage current detection, Ethernet communication, 10M/100M adaptive Output logic, bus communication can be customized
Control Level/Ethernet control
Environmental stress Meet the requirements of GJB1032。
Environmental adaptability High temperature, low temperature, road transportation, damp heat, mold, salt spray, etc. Test under GJB150, parameters customized
Electromagnetic compatibility Meet the related electromagnetic requirements of GJB151
Structure / electrical interface Standard 19-inch 5U chassis, rack-mounted structure/J559 series connector


Interface customized
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