DRV-2 MOSFET Isolated Drive Module

DRV-2 MOSFET Isolated Drive Module meets the requirements of SJ20668-1998 “General Specification for Microcircuit Modules” and GJB1515A-2001 “General Specification for Solid State Relays”.

This series of products integrates DC/DC power supply, signal isolated drive circuit and on/off detection circuit. It is of small size and light weight and suitable for the power supply and distribution systems of aviation, aerospace, ships and defense.


  • Single drive
  • Input and output transformer isolation
  • Low power
  • All metal parallel seam sealing
  • With status feedback function
  • Small size and light weight
  • Fast response


Main Technical Characteristics

Main Technical Parameters Min Typical Max Unit
Input Input voltage 4.5 5 5.5 Vd.c.
Control voltage 5 Vd.c.
Power 0.12 W
Control current 6 10 mA
Response time 1 μs
Output Output arrangement 1H
Output voltage 9.5 11 13 Vd.c.
Feedback voltage ON Low level Vd.c.
OFF High level Vd.c.
Other parameters Insulation resistance 100
Dielectric withstand voltage 625 Vpk(a.c.)


Environmental parameters

Item Min Max Unit
Operating temperature -40 125 °C
Storage temperature -55 125 °C
Shock 500, 1 (m/s2), ms
Vibration (high frequency) 30, 50~2000 (m/s2)2, Hz


Circuit Diagram

DRV 2 Circuit Diagram
Component Parameters Function
C1 0.1μF Matching capacitance
D1 BAS21H Used for ON/OFF monitoring
D2 MM3Z15V Prevent VGS from exceeding the allowable maximum value of MOSFET
R1 10KΩ Driving pin pull-down resistor
R2 10KΩ Adjust OFF time
R3 10KΩ Adjust ON time
R4 10KΩ Adjust the opening threshold

Take driving IRPF4368PBF as an example, the parameters of peripheral circuit components are selected as follows, turn-on time: 200μs, turn-off time: 100μ


Pin Description

No. Pin Function No. Pin Function
1 IN Drive control signal input 5 N_OUT N channel output
2 GND Power input “-” 6 JC Detection signal output
3 ISO_GND Isolated voltage output “-” 7 V+ Power input “+”
4 P_OUT P channel output 8 Fbk ON/OFF feedback output


ON/OFF State Table

Pin IN P_OUT FBK State description
1 L L H MOSFET is not driven on
2 H H L MOSFET drive on
3 L L L Error (mistakenly ON)
4 H H H Error (mistakenly OFF)


Dimensions (Unit: mm) Working principle diagram and application instruction
DRV 2 Dimensions DRV 2 Working principle diagram and application instruction


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