WK Series

WK Series Aviation & Military Micro Switch

1. Small size, light weight, large load capacity;
2. With instantaneous action function, sensitive action and parameters;
3. Non-maintainability;
4. Automatic reset;
5. Operating Temp.: (-55~85) ℃;
6. Electric life: 10 000~30 000 cycles;
7. Auxiliary pressing mechanisms such as levers, rollers, etc. can be added according to user requirements, they also can be manufactured according to user-specified open circuit structures.

Standard: WK type micro switch special technical specification (internal), WK1-9 micro switch special technical specification (internal).


WK Series Micro Switch Specifications

WK1-1、WK3-1 WK2-3 WK1-9
Electrical Load Resistance 27VDC、10A 27VDC、25A 27VDC、10A
Electrical Load Inductive (τ≤0.01s) 27VDC、5A 27VDC、5A
Pre-travel PT(mm) 1min 0.8~1.3 1.6max
Overtravel OT(mm) 0.5min
Differential Travel DT(mm) 0.7max / 0.35~0.5
Operating Force OF(N) 4.9max 5.88~10.78 4.9max
Releasing Force RF(N) 1.47min / 1.47min
Operating Temp.(℃) -55~85
Weight (g) 10max
Electric Life (cycles) 30, 000 10, 000 30, 000
Insulation Resistance (normal) 100ΜΩ 50ΜΩ 100ΜΩ
Insulation Resistance (damp heat) 1ΜΩ 1ΜΩ 1ΜΩ
Dielectric Withstand Voltage (VAC) 500
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