I-FOG-100-T Military Gyroscope

It is a typical all-digital closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope which has the characteristics of small size, low power, large measurement range, and good linearity; It has greatly reduced the size of the three-axis fiber optic gyroscope through the miniaturization of optical circuit components and the improvement of assembly technology.


The I-FOG-100-T series fiber optic gyroscope uses ±5V power supply and outputs RS422 digital signal (can be customized according to user needs) through full-closed-loop digital control and micro-signal detection technology. It has relatively good measurement accuracy and long-term stability.



This product has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and large measurement range, and can be widely used in fields such as infrared pod servo, aircraft seeker, and automatic driving systems.


◆ Specifications

Items Specifications Note
Bias Stability ≤1°/h 1σ, 10s Smooth
Scale Factor Nonlinearity ≤100ppm
Measuring Range ±1500°/s
Random Walk Coefficient 0.05°/√h
Frequency Bandwidth ≥150Hz
Weight ≤150g
Power Consumption ≤5W
Working Temperature -40°C~65°C
Output Mode RS422 Can be customized according to user requirements
Power Supply ±5V±0.3V
Size 46mmx46mmx31mm Interface not included


◆ Drawing

I FOG 100 T drawing

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