I-FOG-25 Series Military Gyroscope

The I-FOG-25 series which are typical medium-precision all-digital closed-loop fiber optic gyroscopes, have the characteristics of low power consumption and high measurement accuracy. The product has excellent anti-shock, anti-magnetic field performance and great resistance to temperature, and can adapt to various of environment.

The I-FOG-25 series fiber optic gyroscopes contain: I-FOG-25-A, I-FOG-25-B, and I-FOG-25-C, which cover full medium-precision measurement, and are small-volume medium-high-precision motion sensors which provide solutions for the fields of attitude control, navigation and alignment, etc.

◆ Features

➢ Superior performance in the same volume

➢ RS-422 output mode

➢ High reliability

➢ Standard commercial products



➢ Antenna, radar, optical stability control

➢ Turret and machine gun tower stability control

➢ IMU, INS system integration

➢ Stabilization and navigation of UAV


◆ Specifications

P/N I-FOG-25-010 I-FOG-25-015 I-FOG-25-020
Bias Stability (10s, 1σ) ≤0.08°/h ≤0.15°/h ≤0.2°/h 1σ, 10s Smooth
Maximum Angular Velocity ±490°/s ±490°/s ±850°/s
Random Walk Coefficient 0.004°/√h 0.008°/√h 0.01°/√h
Peak-to-peak value (100s , 1σ) Before compensation ≤0.1°/h ≤0.2°/h ≤0.2°/h
Bias stability at full temperature (100s, 1σ) Before compensation ≤0.3°/h ≤0.5°/h ≤0.5°/h
Dead Zone (threshold) ≤0.1°/h ≤0.15°/h ≤0.2°/h
Scale Factor Nonlinearity <25ppm
Frequency Bandwidth >150Hz
Power Supply ±5V
Power Consumption ≤2.5W (Normal temperature)

≤3.5W (Full temperature)

Storage Temperature -50°C-+75°C
Working Temperature -40°C-+65°C
Output Mode RS422 Can be customized according to user requirements
Output Delay Time <2ms
Insulation Resistance <100MQ
Size 50x50x32mm
Weight <170g


◆ Drawing

I FOG 25 Series drawing

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