I-FOG-70 Series Military Gyroscope

I-FOG-70 three-axis fiber optic gyroscope uses ±5V power supply and RS422 output. It is a new generation of three-axis integrated fiber optic gyroscope product that adopts full closed-loop digital processing technology and multiple closed-loop feedback processing mechanisms. It has the characteristics of compact structure, and has very good measurement accuracy, stability and environmental adaptability considered its small size.

◆ Features

The I-FOG-70 gyroscope greatly reduces the volume through a more compact structure. It retains the original characteristics of high measurement accuracy, large measurement range and good linearity, which is more convenient for system installation and debugging;

It adopts a new optical path curing process and enhances magnetic shield at the same time, which facilitate better performance in terms of anti-magnetic field, shock resistance and shock resistance;

the new three-axis integrated design further reduces the power consumption and current requirements at high and low temperature, especially the start-up current in extreme environments, thus further broaden its application environment.



It is suitable for airborne navigation, load attitude determination, positioning and orientation, and optical stabilization systems. It can be widely used in military and civil fields such as unmanned aircraft, unmanned ships, and unmanned vehicle positioning and orientation. It can also be used in ships and aviation. Various infrared pod servo and guidance, as well as track detection and attitude control.


◆ Specifications

P/N I-FOG-70
Bias Stability (1σ, 10s smooth) ≤0.2°/h
Measuring Range ±750°/s
Random Walk Coefficient 0.01°/√h
Scale Factor Nonlinearity ≤15ppm
Frequency Bandwidth ≥150Hz
Scale Factor Asymmetry 15ppm
Power Consumption at Normal Temperature 4.5W
Output Mode RS422
Power Supply ±5V±0.15V
Weight ≤1.1kg
Size 70x70x60mm


◆ Drawing

I FOG 70 drawing

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