I-FOG-S200-S Military Gyroscope

This commercial small single-axis interferometric fiber optic gyroscope adopts ±5V power supply, fully closed-loop digital control and related detection technology, and RS422 digital output. It has relatively good measurement accuracy and long-term stability and can be used with the same series of dual-axis fiber optic gyroscopes to achieve the measurement of three-axis angular rate.

◆ Features

The product is a typical medium-precision all-digital closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope which has the characteristics of low power consumption and high measurement accuracy. It also has good anti-vibration performance, excellent anti-magnetic field ability and temperature resistance performance, and good environmental adaptability.



The product has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption and large measuring range, and can be widely used in environments such as infrared pod servos, aircraft seekers, stable platforms and other environments.


◆ Specifications

Technical Parameter Measuring Range ±1000°/s
Bias Stability (1σ, 10s ) ≤0.5°/h (Normal temperature)

≤5°/h (Full temperature)

Scale Factor Nonlinearity ≤200ppm (Full temperature)
Scale Factor Repeatability ≤200ppm (Full temperature)
Random Walk Coefficient ≤0.05°/√h
6.06g Random Vibration Error ≤5°/h
3dB Dynamic Response Frequency Band >150Hz
Physical Size 60mmx50mmx40mm
Weight ≤200g
Maximum Power Consumption ≤3W
Working Temperature -40°C ~70°C
Output Mode RS422, Data refresh rate 4KHz (Can be customized according to user requirements)
Power Supply ±5V


◆ Drawing

I FOG S200 S drawing

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