J14 Series

J14 Series MIL-Spec Connectors

  1. Low frequency electrical connector;
  2. The double safety locking mechanism is a combination of a quick and reliable operation and a reliable connection type in the rectangular electrical connector, and the termination form is soldering;
  3. This series of products has complete specifications, which can be divided into pin type, hole type plug; pin type panel type, hole type panel type receptacle; needle type cable type, hole type cable type receptacle and other types;
  4. The J14A series receptacle are also available in straight-in PCB and 90-degree bend-in PCB;
  5. Applicable to strategic weapon systems, space satellite systems, launch vehicles, ground support systems, and widely used in various electronic equipment, instruments and cables.

J14 Series Rectangular Electronic Connector


Ambient temperature

-55°C~ +125°C Constant Acceleration 780 m/s2

Relative humidity

40±2℃ 90%—95% Shock 980 m/s2
Atmospheric pressure 101.3KPa ~ 1.33Pa Mechanical life

500 times

Sealing (Only sealed) Withstand pressure 0.2MPa

Electrical Specifications

  • Characteristics of contact

Contact specifications (mm)

Contact resistance (mΩ) Rated current (A)

Before life

After life

Φ 0.8

0.006 0.01 3
Φ 1.0 0.006 0.01


Φ 1.5 0.003 0.005


  • Rated voltage, withstand voltage and insulation resistance

Working Environment

Standard condition High temperature High temperature and humidity Low pressure

Insulation Resistance (MΩ)

≥2000 ≥1000 ≥20

Withstand Voltage (Vrms) 800


Order mark

J 14 A 38 Z K 1 B 2
Main code J
Design serial No. 14
Modified serial No. A
Number of contacts 38
Connector type:

  • T- plug;
  • Z- Receptacle;
Contact type:

  • J: pin;
  • K: socket
Contact part wiring form:

  • No mark – ordinary soldering;
  • 1 – Indicates that the contact terminal is bent (90 degree) for PCB;
  • 2 – Indicates that the contact terminal is straight-in PCB.
  • (1, 2 is only suitable for receptacles);
Mounting style:

  • B- panel type;
  • L- Cable type;
Flange form:

  • Not marked – Normal horizontal mounting flange form;
  • 1- indicates a normal horizontal installation of narrow flanges;
  • 2- indicates the side mounting flange form. (Flange form is only suitable for receptacles);


  • Plug: J14A series, plug type of 51-pin common soldering pin is J14A-51TJ.
  • Pin: J14A series, Receptacle with 51 sockets, right angle bent mating printed board, flange mounted, side mount type is J14A-51ZK1B2.

Use combination:

Pin-type plugs and socket-type receptacles (or socket-type plugs and pin-type receptacles) having the same modified serial number and the same number of contacts can be used interchangeably. Such as: J14A-51TJ and J14A-51ZK1B2, J14C-26TK and J14C-26ZJL can be used interchangeably.

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